Adding Radiator Covers To Your Home

Published: 16th March 2011
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Radiator covers can provide your rooms with better looks by covering awkward looking radiators. This can also improve the heating performance of the radiators while providing protection from the heat. A wide selection of designs and styles means that you can enjoy great looking radiator covers that are designed to better the look and feeling of all of the rooms in your property. Prevent heat loss and reduce the cost of your heating bills with effective radiator covers.

Functional But Ugly Radiators
Radiators are a functional item and unfortunately they have been designed as such. They need to be placed in a prominent position within the room because this enables them to heat the whole room. However, this also means that radiators which are, often, ugly looking items have a tendency to be found right in the middle of all rooms in a home. This isnít just true in bedrooms and passageways, either, as radiators are usually found in living rooms, dining rooms, and other rooms.

Attractive Radiator Covers
The problem of ugly looking radiators can be counteracted with the addition of attractive radiator covers. You can choose from modern and contemporary looking designs or more classical looking designs. Choosing the right design means that you can pick radiator covers that are perfectly in keeping with the rest of the design of your rooms.

Radiator Heating

Another problem with radiators is that they naturally heat the air above them. The heat from the radiator rises and the warm air that this creates then continues to rise. The end result is that the ceiling above the radiator is left feeling very warm but this means that the energy being used to produce the heating is largely being wasted without the heat being effectively circulated around a room.

Better Heating With Radiator Covers
Radiator covers placed over the radiators will help to beat this loss in energy and inefficient heating because the cover is first warmed by the air from the radiator. The heat is then used to circulate around the entire room and this means that energy bills may drop because you can lower your settings but you will still enjoy warmer and more evenly heated rooms.

Radiator covers from are a convenient and beautiful looking way to improve the look of radiators while offering improved heating to the room they are in.

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