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Published: 02nd June 2011
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Chair caning is a unique craft that dates back to the seventeenth century. For hundreds of years, people have enjoyed cane furniture which is a versatile and classic addition to any home. The craftsmen who make and repair cane furniture are true masters of their art and the results of their work are intricately made new chairs or sympathetically restored antique chairs. Or, if you fancy having a go yourself, chair caning can be a very absorbing hobby.

Years of History

Chair caning became particular popular during the Regency period. Fashion influences from the Far East meant that cane furniture was being produced at its greatest ever rate. The recent revival of Regency style has meant that people are willing to pay good prices for period pieces. Chair caning is necessary for the restoration of some of these new pieces and also to meet to increased demand for new cane furniture.

The art of chair caning is fascinating. The cane, that is made out of the stripped down Rattan palm, can be produced in a variety of widths. The chair caning can then be done in many different patterns and the sizes of the holes between the cane patterns can be varied. Some of the more intricate chair caning patterns look exquisite on chair backs although they are unlikely to be strong enough for seats. More typical on seats is a six way pattern which has added strength.

Versatile Chair Solutions for All Requirements

Very old cane can become brittle and break so an important part of chair caning is the restoration of period pieces. A competent chair caner may be able to use any existing cane on your chair to repair it and replicate the design. It can then be stained to the correct colour so that your cane chair will look as good as new.

Chair caning can also be a very enjoyable hobby. If you want to learn the skill of chair caning, with a little patience and a lot of practice, you will be able to produce chairs to rival those made by professionals. A simple library book on chair caning will give you a good start and if you find that it is for you, why not sign up to a chair caning course to hone your skills under the watchful eye of professionals? specialise in Chair caning. All types of Chair caning and Rush Seating work are undertaken, including both antique and contemporary furniture. Visit us today for Rush Seating.

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