Children’s bedding, which duvet set is best?

Published: 14th October 2011
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There is a huge amount of character children’s bedding available everywhere at the moment, wherever you look all you see are children’s TV characters on the duvet sets, this has even begun to take over the Cot bed duvet cover market as well where previously we had mainly generic designs. Unfortunately this trend has brought with it a decline in the quality of junior bedding and children’s bedding, I have noticed that most character junior bedding is of low quality thin polycotton with a small amount of cotton, when historically it has been drummed into us that young children should have 100% cotton on their beds to help their skin breath at night and to reduce skin irritation. Children’s bedding, especially the child’s first Cot bed duvet, should be cotton and of a high quality as it is likely to need to withstand quite a bit o wear and tear and also several intense washes. Some children’s bedding manufacturers are bringing cotton back in a small way but unfortunately, it is mainly available online and not through many local retailers, there are now several designs out there which easily compete with the cheaper character duvet set on the appeal of their designs. These cot bed duvet covers are much more appealing as they are 100% cotton, easy care and will last a lot longer. They are softer, heavier and more substantial, one manufacturer has even begun making them in the UK. If you are concerned about having your toddlers room coordinated then don’t worry as many of the designs also have curtains etc available in the range. Don’t be fooled into thinking there is no alternative to popular character children’s bedding, there are several options which will appeal to your child just as much, when it comes to junior bedding and cot bed duvet covers there are your child’s favourite themes available in high quality cotton and some of the designs are even nicer. My son loved Fireman Sam when he was little and fell totally in love with his first fireman children’s bedding set which was not Fireman Sam and would have no other, likewise my daughter loved Disney princess and adored her fairytale princess cot bed duvet set that wasn’t Disney. The other great thing about generic children’s bedding is that it won’t go out of fashion like the latest cartoon character. Rockets, firemen, butterflies, princesses and farmyard animals have been popular for decades and will probably continue to be, so the quality duvet set can be handed on to siblings or family, but the latest character will only last about 2 years and then lose popularity.

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