Cover Up Tattoos

Published: 07th October 2011
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There are a number of occasions where it may be appropriate for people to cover up tattoos, but standard make up or other options are not always thick enough to ensure that tattoos are covered up all day long.

Here at Veil Cosmetic Camouflage, we stock a wide range of make up to cover up tattoos and our special thicker formula ensures that any tattoo remains covered even during warm weather or if it comes into contact with water.

A wide variety of people with different skin tones may want to cover up tattoos, whether it be when attending a prestigious function or a wedding, and because of this we stock one of the best ranges of cover up tattoos make up skin shades and tones.

Those looking to cover up tattoos can choose from pink skin tone make up, yellow skin tone make up and beige skin tone make up. A great one stop kit for those needing to cover up tattoos is our standard tattoo cover kit.

This is available in all three kinds of skin tone options and includes 5 different shades of cover up tattoos cream, allowing users to mix the perfect shade to suit their skin. As well as covering cream, the cover up tattoos kit includes a pot of finishing powder to set a covered tattoo, one jar of cleansing cream, toning lotion, 2 spatulas and a handful of cotton pads.

Customers wanting to cover up tattoos buying this kit can also benefit from an empty jar which is great for mixing and could also be used as a convenient handbag cover up for last minute engagements.

This cover up tattoos kit is all wrapped up in a useful zip up bag and can easily be packed in a suitcase ahead of a weekend away or other occasion.

If you are attending a function where it is appropriate to cover up tattoos - or maybe you are getting married and want to cover up tattoos on your arms and back - then get in touch with us today and check out our amazing range of cover up tattoos options.

If you want a hassle free way to cover up tattoos without painful laser treatment and an extortionate price tag, has the perfect solution! We have ways to cover up tattoos for everyone!

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