Danish vintage furniture

Published: 20th October 2011
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Danish vintage furniture is a wonderful addition to any home and can help give any room a cosy and stylish feel. Danish vintage furniture is also great quality, as its durability over years of use shows, and so homeowners can be sure that buying Danish vintage furniture is an investment for the future.

Here at Paere Dansk, we are committed to offering Danish vintage furniture of the highest quality and stock a range of items, from dining tables and chairs to lounge furniture and desks. Most of our vintage Danish furniture has been made by high end designers and we carry many iconic pieces which are popular with Danish vintage furniture collectors or interior design fans.

We stock vintage Danish furniture as well as reproductions of the same styles, so buyers have the choose between the beautiful original or the high quality reproduction. All new editions of Danish vintage furniture are made from solid wood, so our customers can be sure a new version of a classic piece is of the same top quality as an original item.

Denmark has a rich furniture production history dating back to the 1950s and 60s, when well known designers and architects including Niels Otto Moller, Hans Wegner and Helge Vestergaard Jensen were working with beautiful solid wood and creating pieces which would soon become forever noted as being in the Danish style.

Here at Paere Dansk, we only buy Danish vintage furniture of impeccable quality and we are committed to investing in iconic pieces which offer a combination of timeless style and brilliant build standard.

Paeredansk.co.uk can supply a wide range of quality furniture, including Danish vintage furniture, which allows you to purchase the furniture items you want from a reputable company.

For a true piece of design history, buyers may want to choose an item of Danish vintage furniture like the beautifully stylish HV Jensen rocking chair. Another iconic Danish vintage furniture item is the Metropolitan chair, designed by Larsen and Madsen. This multi use piece is great as an easy bedroom chair but is also well suited to an office or study.

Our staff are all experienced in buying and selling Danish vintage furniture, and many are enthusiasts of Danish vintage furniture themselves, so if you are unsure about which piece to pick for your home, visit us today for some style advice.

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