Dimplex Electric Fires

Published: 04th April 2011
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Iím at an age (sadly) when I can remember electric fires from a bygone era, namely the unappealing designs from the 1970s. My Grandma had one of the electric fires in the front room of her bungalow and it had this hideous fake coal effect. Today the designs of modern electric fires are nothing like they used to be, Dimplex Electric Fires in particular are dealing with cutting-edge technology using Opti-myst flame and smoke effects that look just like the real thing. Long gone are the days when plastic coal and wood effects were lit rather unconvincingly by hidden lighting, Dimplex Electric Fires are the real deal.

Why choose Dimplex Electric Fires over types of heating? They look totally authentic, benefit from low installation costs and prove to be cost effective to run. Letís take a closer look at Dimplex Electric Fires, to see some of the styles that are currently available.

Choosing the design

Possibly the most important thing to consider when picking Dimplex Electric Fires is the design. Not only are there wall mounted and inset versions, customers also get to choose from a variety of free standing models, including a collection of rather funky stoves.

Inset or wall mounted Dimplex Electric Fires are quick to fit solutions, with models that suit a wide range of budgets and requirements. Thereís a diverse range of designs and different styles to select, catering for all types of interior decor and home furnishings.

Stand alone models are also included in the collection of Dimplex Electric Fires, with modern or traditional stoves widely available. Theyíre hot property at the moment and thanks to the vast improvements in the realism of Dimplex Electric Fires, itís hard to tell the difference from a real fire.

What effects can be chosen for Dimplex Electric Fires?

Customers are given a great choice from ultra-realistic coal, to wood or pebble effects. On certain Dimplex Electric Fires you can even change the accessories. If you get bored of log effects you can switch to coal or opt for a pebble effect if you prefer.

The thing I like best about Dimplex Electric Fires is the Opti-myst and Opti-flame technology because itís really clever. It fools you into thinking that you are looking at a real coal or log fire, which couldnít be done in the past.

Like I said earlier, I can remember electric fires of old and they were nothing like the new range of Dimplex Electric Fires.

Heatingnplumbing.co.uk can supply a number of heating supplies, with a range of Dimplex electric fires available to give your home extra heat in the winter months.

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