Distressed Picture Frames

Published: 21st February 2011
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In a world of mass-produced products Distressed Picture Frames are like a breath of fresh air

Made from recycled wood, Distressed Picture Frames are hand-crafted in South Africa by a very specialist artisan. Unlike standard shop bought frames used for pictures and paintings, the Distressed Picture Frames have a unique character and history all of their own.

Life for the Distressed Pictures Frames begins in the derelict homes of Cape Town. From here, wood is taken to a workshop where it is transformed into beautiful picture frames. The recycled wood is the ideal raw material for Distressed Picture Frames. Truly authentic in their detail, Distressed Picture Frames are must-have home features for anyone who is passionate about products made from reclaimed materials and unique Throws for Sofas.

Shipped straight to the UK

You dont have to fly to Cape Town to buy Distressed Picture Frames, a UK supplier deals directly with the creator of these remarkable recycled goods and they stock Throws for Sofas as well.

Their website is packed with Distressed Picture Frames with sizes and finished to suit all tastes.

Individual and inviting, a selection of small, square, rustic, double or triple image Distressed Picture Frames are available at any given time. You can peruse them in detail because each one of the Distressed Picture Frames has been photographed with great care and comprehensive pictures are available to look at online.

Things to consider when buying Distressed Picture Frames

Where are the frames going to go? Think about the wall where you are going to hang the Distressed Picture Frames and let this be your guide as to the size of frame you need to order.

Would a solitary frame suffice or would a collection of Distressed Picture Frames look better? They do tend to look rather good in groups.

Do you want to order more than one of the same type of frame? Remember, each frame is photographed individually because they are bespoke products, not mass-produced items, and this is what makes the Distressed Picture Frames so appealing in the first place.

The Distressed Picture Frames are a welcome distraction from a world filled with mass-produced products. Check them out online through a very special supplier who sells Throws for Sofas made by quality artisans.

Planet-craft.com specialise in hand crafted Distressed Picture Frames . We deal directly with the artisans to ensure the best quality at the lowest prices. We stock a comprehensive range of Throws for Sofas .

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