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Published: 28th September 2011
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A dry riser is a vital safety component for any building and safety managers looking for a dry riser for their operations have a wide range to choose from.

Here at Falcon Fire Products, we are experts in fire safety products including dry riser cabinets. We offer a wide variety of dry riser options, including both vertical and horizontal dry riser cabinets, all of which give the same great level of protection in the event of a fire.

A dry riser is a pipe system which is used to distribute water around a building in the event of a blaze and are also sometimes utilised by the fire service should a blaze spread around a structure and need more attention.

Depending on the layout of a building, dry riser buyers may want a horizontal dry riser, a vertical dry riser or a convenient floor dry riser, which is a popular choice in areas with limited space.

Our horizontal dry riser cabinet conforms to current safety standards including BS5041 Part 5, and features a stainless steel piano hinge and a Yale slam lock. We offer this dry riser in two finishes Ral 3002 and stainless steel satin polished and for the added convenience of our dry riser customers, we stock a range of dry riser spares for this model.

Our vertical dry riser has a very similar spec and fits in with modern guidelines including BS5041 Part 2. Dry riser customers buying this dry riser can also pick between four different finishes the 310 R Series Ral 3002 with glass aperture, the 311 R Series Ral 3002 with solid door, the 312 S Series stainless steel satin polished with glass aperture and the 313 S Series stainless steel satin polished with solid door.

Here at Falcon Fire Products we understand that the world of modern business is a frantic one, and for the added convenience of our dry riser buyers, we offer a range of different delivery methods. Our standard delivery is ideal for a dry riser purchase that is not urgent, but those who require their new dry riser as soon as possible could use our reliable express delivery.

Visit us today for the best range of dry riser products around, at the best prices available.

falcon-fire.co.uk is a top UK manufacturer of Dry Riser. We specialise in design, installation, service of wet and dry raisers and other fire protection systems! check out our website today.

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