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Published: 09th December 2010
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Exterior Signs For Your Business

Exterior signs can be a great way to help market your business and should certainly be considered a part of branding. No matter how large or small your marketing and advertising budget you should consider investing in exterior signs because they can have a big impact on a business for comparatively little outlay. This means a very beneficial return on your investment.

Making A First Impression

Exterior signs are often the first aspect of your business that a customer or potential client will see. Even if your premises are away from passing traffic, if you ever have office or property visits from your clients or business partners then exterior signs are a huge benefit to your company.


Small, local service providers can also benefit from signs. A boards, for example, can be professionally designed and manufactured while also being inexpensive. They can be placed outside a property that you’re working on which will catch peoples’ attention and effectively work as word of mouth marketing for you, your business, and your services.

Types Of Sign

The A-Board sign is only one option when it comes to exterior signage. Large illuminated signs can be affixed to the outside of buildings and signs can be made from a range of materials including glass, wood, metal, stainless steel and many more. The material used can match the design that will be put on the sign or it can match the products or service you offer.

Professional Sign Services

Having signs professionally designed, manufactured, and maintained doesn’t have to be expensive but by using a single company to provide all of these services you can effectively minimise the cost and ensure the long life of your new sign.

Using Signs

Exterior signs are used by businesses throughout the world and for good reason. Sign design can go a lot further than sign writing. If you have your own existing design then this can be used or, alternatively, a professional design that is geared towards your brand can alternatively be used.

Estate agents, pubs, bars, restaurants, and shops all benefit from the use of exterior signs and if you own a business then yours could too.

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