Glossophobia – The Fear of Public Speaking

Published: 07th February 2011
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The King and I

The release of the film ‘The King’s Speech’ this month might have got you thinking that you have more in common with royalty than you previously realised. If you suffer from ‘glossophobia’ – yes, just try saying that in public – then you will probably sympathise with Colin Firth’s portrayal of George VI. However, the fear of public speaking is not limited to royalty and some estimates suggest that up to 75% of people suffer from this particular phobia, to a greater or lesser extent. For severe sufferers the condition can be literally paralysing, affecting their ability to speak at all.

Crippling Effects

You may want to deliver a killer speech, a sales pitch or presentation, but overcome by physical symptoms that include feelings of panic and sickness, you may find yourself physically unable to perform at all, and certainly not at your best. Broadly speaking the symptoms of the phobia fall into three categories: physical symptoms included nausea, panic, stiffening of muscles and dizziness; anxiety is another symptom, occurring prior to the event; finally avoidance behaviour, the flight or fight syndrome, is frequent for sufferers of this condition.

Someone Sedate Me

Sedative drugs have been used to help those who have such a fear of public speaking that they are unable to function normally, but are required to frequently speak in public. Even beta-blockers have been employed to reduce some of the physical symptoms that sufferers experience. However many people are unwilling to go to such extreme lengths to combat their fears. Luckily, hypnosis has proved effective time and time again, to help those who suffer from the fear of public speaking.

Hypnosis – You’re having a Laugh

If you have seen any of the popular TV shows featuring hypnotists, you could be forgiven for thinking that hypnosis is just a circus trick. However it has been used for centuries by the medical profession and has a proven track record to help people overcome not only bad habits such as smoking, but fears and phobias that range from the fear of heights right through to the fear of public speaking. Hypnosis is a simple process that uses suggestion to manipulate the subconscious mind and alter behaviour. Our subconscious minds are responsible for far more of our actions than we often realise, and it is in this part of our brain that our darker fears and phobias lurk. Hypnosis is an effective technique used by many of the rich and famous, not to mention world leaders, who need to appear calm, in control and professional, just when they feel exactly the opposite. If you suffer from the crippling fear of public speaking a short course of hypnosis – one session is often enough – by an accredited hypnotist, may be just the solution you are looking for.

The fear of public speaking affects up to 75% of the population and can be devastating for sufferers. Whether you have to make a speech at a wedding, or your job requires you to speak in public regularly, a simple session of hypnosis can help to overcome your fear.

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