Industrial Vintage Furniture

Published: 28th September 2011
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Decorating a home is a chance for homeowners to stamp their personality on their space and make it their own, and those with a taste for quirky design will love industrial vintage furniture.

Here at The Old Cinema London, we specialise in sourcing all the best pieces of industrial vintage furniture and our collection contains some really unique pieces - including an amazing industrial vintage furniture coffee table made out of an old jet engine, and a wooden coffee table constructed using a vintage cart.

At The Old Cinema, we don't think that having a practical and usable home has to mean it is decorated in a boring style, and all our industrial vintage furniture is both eye catching and handy for real life.

Some of our most popular industrial vintage furniture options are our range of metal filing cabinets, which are painted in funky shades to turn them from dull office furniture into cool industrial vintage furniture which is perfect for bedroom storage.

Our vintage steel shoe locker is also a fantastically convenient industrial vintage furniture piece that looks great in any hallway.

Storage solutions are a vital part of the home decoration of most properties and we offer a range of industrial vintage furniture options. Our upcycled industrial storage bins - which feature a recycled timber top - are great for all those junk drawer items which need a home, and its varnished wood finish makes it a stylish piece for any room.

Here at The Old Cinema, we also like to push the envelope with the standard ideas of design, and for those keen to do the same in their home, our collection of cool chairs is ideal. Instead of standard dining room chairs, our industrial vintage furniture French lacquered steel chairs are gorgeously stylish, but also comfy and practical.

If you want to fill your home with practical and usable items which are also great to look at, then visit our industrial vintage furniture specialist store today and check out our amazing collection. If you are looking for a specific industrial vintage furniture piece, keep checking back as we constantly source new items for our store.

If you want the very best industrial vintage furniture at affordable prices, has everything you could possibly need! Visit us today for fantastic vintage furniture at unbeatable rates.

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