Metal cladding – a refurbishment solution

Published: 23rd November 2010
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Metal cladding of all types can be used in several different refurbishment projects – it’s ideal for dozens of types of renewal projects, depending on your need. Metal cladding is one of the few materials that can currently withstand everything the weather throws at it, alongside being suitable for use internally in high humidity and water environments.

Metal cladding options

There are a myriad of options when choosing metal cladding, from aluminium to coated steel – each has positive and negative attributes.

Coated steel is usually the best choice – with a design profile that includes both textured and colour coated options. Each of the options available create an enticing low maintenance profile cladding system for designers and end users – and each option comes with its own guarantees – from lifetime periods to transference or lack of transference to water supplies (making those products suitable for downspouts and other water routing and collection, alongside walls and roofs). In most cases these guarantees will also form the basis of compliance, based on where the end user build is, which makes coated steel one of the best choices in most cases.

Refurbishment options

Coated steel solutions can be the best choice in metal cladding, with flexible colours and textures, designed to create different environments and feels. Coated steel offers a variety of design options from subtle, to colour matched to the building surroundings or, to the ability to match the colours in a logo. To blend in with the surroundings or to stand out – the option lies with the end user.

Due to advances in technology however, metal cladding can be guaranteed for up to 25+ years, which makes its life cycle cost usually much lower than other materials, even if the initial outlay is slightly higher. This coupled with the ease of design and low maintenance creates the most favourable choice for most refurbishment projects.

These refurbishment projects can be part of the building or the whole thing – the most important thing to remember is that the material choice in question should also be examined to see whether it has a maintenance need – these maintenance needs, whether low or high may also influence the final choice. Coated steel is generally low maintenance, depending on the external conditions and other conditions, making it the ideal choice for environments that make it difficult to provide a long-term maintenance schedule.

Metal cladding is usually best formed from coated steel due to its superior qualities, creating the ‘perfect storm’ of designability and low maintenance in today’s environment of new builds and refurbishment.

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