Napier Turbochargers

Published: 28th January 2011
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Reliability is the key to Napier Turbochargers

Powerful Napier Turbochargers boost BHP in a wide range of engines that are used within a host of industries. Youíll find Napier Turbochargers hard at work in the marine, rail and industrial sectors and the current range specification varies from the 5 series through to the 7 series. The basic principle of Napier Turbochargers, like any other turbocharger, is to increase the power of the engine. This is done by using waste energy from the gas that is created by the engine to drive a turbine to maintain power, whilst lowering emissions at the same time. Thanks to Napier Turbochargers smaller engines can be fitted that produce more power than larger units.

Whatís wrong with a bigger engine?

Nothing really apart from itís heavier; itís takes up more room in the vehicle and is likely to burn more fuel. The great advantage of fitting Napier Turbochargers is you donít have any of these problems. Thanks to the clever way that Napier Turbochargers work, you can fit smaller engines into vehicles, plant machinery, trains and marine vessels without suffering from a loss of power. The Napier Turbochargers help engines to run more efficiently, whilst cutting down on fuel costs at the same time. In the current economic climate, with fuel prices forever on the increase, it makes great sense to use Napier Turbochargers to increase engine power output. A bigger engine is one option that you could consider, but a Napier turbocharger fitted to a smaller power plant is by far the better solution.

Need advice about Napier Turbochargers?

Speak to suppliers who stock 5 and 7 series Napier Turbochargers and theyíll provide structured advice about the right type of turbocharger for your needs. As well as new Napier Turbochargers they can provide you with all of the spare parts that you might require to maintain your turbos in the future. Technical support is readily available whatever your query might be in relation to Napier Turbochargers. Whether you want new solutions, or advice about updating older systems; tailored options are available that can provide you with the best Napier Turbochargers for your particular requirements. supply a range of spares, services and technical support for Napier Turbochargers , with a team of experts on hand to help you with all your technical issues.

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