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Published: 26th September 2011
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Many modern homes are built in close proximity to their neighbours and city centre dwellers often live in intimately designed flats with windows facing their neighbours, making a net curtain a great investment for both style and privacy.

A net curtain is a good complement to thicker curtains and is designed to be always left drawn even when the main light blocking curtains are pulled to one side - this allows natural light to stream into a room but still affords privacy and a cosy feeling.

While a net curtain may have in the past been an item linked to an old fashioned home, many modern net curtain designs are chic and stylish, combining great materials and minimalist patterns that would suit any contemporary home or new flat.

However, there are many net curtain styles available which are highly decorative, featuring embellishment including flowers, plants and polka dots. These are perfect for traditionally decorated properties but there are also elegant geometric designs which could be a good choice for modern homes.

One of the main benefits of a net curtain is that it can be used in any room - many homeowners choose to fit blinds in their bathroom due to damp problems with standard curtains, but a net curtain can easily cope with a humid environment and can be a fantastic way of giving bathroom users privacy if the room is facing another flat or home.

Depending on the window a net curtain will be fitted on, there are various options for thickness, length and width. On a window which is south facing, a two and a half fullness or triple fullness net curtain will help to reduce glare - thought those who like their rooms to be brightly illuminated could choose double fullness or less to allow more light to shine in.

Adding hemming to a net curtain can help prevent unsightly fraying and give a tidier finish for windows, and also helps net curtain products to last for longer and look as good as new for the duration of their use.

With drop lengths ranging from 36 inches right up to 90 inches, homeowners with windows which are not standard size - either really small or overly large - can still find a net curtain to fit the glass and provide them with a great combination of style and privacy.

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