Non Slip Decking

Published: 18th October 2011
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Over recent years, decking has become more and more popular, with many homes and businesses using it for their outside areas. However decking has a tendency to become slippery when wet, which can be dangerous, with a risk of falls and trips.

Non slip decking is a simple way around this problem. Non slip decking mixes timber decking with a rubber inlay, and it is this rubber inlay which prevents it from becoming slippery. Non slip decking is not affected by moss, algae and standing water, thus preventing the main cause of most trips or falls. There are other additional benefits of using non slip decking – it is extremely comfortable to walk on and the noise made when walking on it is lower than with ordinary decking.

Non slip decking is the ideal material for homes with young children or elderly people; as well as businesses who want to minimise any risk of being sued for slips on their decking areas. A fall on decking can be nasty and any legal claim could cost a business a large amount of money. Non slip decking is therefore cost effective. Areas such as playgrounds and leisure centres should be extra careful over their decking choice and ideally choose non slip decking as their first choice material.

You do not have to compromise the appearance of your decked area by using non slip decking. Non slip decking is very similar in appearance to ordinary decking and is available in a range of different colours so you can complement your existing colour scheme. Non slip decking is an attractive alternative to ordinary decking.

As well as being extremely easy to clean and maintain, non slip decking is also easy to install. The same tools can be used to fit non slip decking as you would with ordinary decking. Non slip decking can be installed onto a conventional timber sub-frame and fixed to the frame using deck clips or trim head screws. Once fitted, non slip decking will not move or become loose. If you are not confident fitting your own non slip decking, you could employ a tradesmen to ensure your non slip decking is fitted securely and safely.

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