Personalised Lap Trays And Laptop Trays - The Ideal Gift

Published: 18th October 2011
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Tired of the same old gifts? Looking for something different? Trays have moved on a bit since the days of the old bare wooden tray with the rigid base that your grandmother used to have. Nowadays they can be custom made using more practical and comfortable materials. You can choose from thousands of images or maybe you want something even more special? Just upload your own photo and hey presto a completely original personalised gift has been created.

How about a picture of the kids for mum on Motherís Day or for gran her favourite cat or dog immortalised forever? For fathers day that Lamborghini he always wanted or that picture of him at Glastonbury covered in mud in his youth? The kids can have their heroes as captured by the Tiny Idols cartoons, Ben10, Lewis Hamilton, Cheryl Cole, Top Gear - the options are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Besides the fun you can have with the pictures there are the obvious practical benefits. Sit down in front of your favourite TV show and enjoy a quick bite to eat and drink without the hassle of sitting at the table. The padded cushions on the underside mould to your knees giving you the stability you need to avoid spillages. Wipe clean surfaces with for easy cleaning keep it sparkling for the next time you want to use it. Let the kids have them on the long car journeys, not only can they be used at feeding time, they can also put the DVD player on it, do a bit of drawing or play games, reducing the number of the dreaded "are we there yet?" moments. Remember those days confined to your bed suffering from the flu trying to balance an old wooden tray to keep the soup in the bowl and stop your cup of tea sliding off? A lap tray is the perfect solution.

You can even get laptop trays with natural ventilation that are wider so you can use your mouse and with natural ventilation to prevent hot laps and overheating laptops. What more could you possibly want?

Laptop lap trays are specially designed for use with laptop computers, wider than standard TV lap trays allowing the use of a mouse they naturally ventilate your laptop. Contact Kico for Laptop Trays today.

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