Picture Frame Buying Guide - 4 Important Things To Consider When Buying A Picture Frame

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Published: 12th December 2011
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Picture and photo frames are great accessories which can help to considerably personalise your home. From treasured family photographs to a fine painting, the right picture frame can transform almost anything into a work of art creating a household feature to be proud of.

A picture can really help to jazz up an empty wall. Make a statement with a single large picture frame or, if you are feeling a little more creative and have plenty of photos or artwork to show off, consider the current fashion of grouping a number of frames to form a picture wall. Picture walls work well in almost any space and it doesn’t have to be large. Picture walls also work well on the staircase, with the picture frames positioned in line with each step. Alternatively, an increasingly popular choice for smaller spaces is to create a collage frame where pictures are grouped together into a single multi-aperture picture frame.

Whether you require a single picture frame or a collection for a picture frame wall, there are 4 key considerations which you should be making during your buying process.

How big should the picture frame be?

Clearly size is an important factor when it comes to buying the correct frame, which is why it is vital to measure your picture accurately. Picture frames are available to purchase in a range of standard imperial (in/ft), metric (cm/mm/m) and A’ sizes as well as custom made to your individual picture size.

A common mistake is to compromise on the final effect by purchasing an off-the-shelf standard size frame and then trying to fit a non-standard sized picture into it. These days custom made picture frames can be very cost effective and are available from some suppliers for the same price as their readymade equivalent.

It is important to bear in mind that picture frame sizes are the size of the picture that goes into the frame and not the dimensions of the entire frame. Therefore be sure you have enough wall space to display the entire picture frame and not just the picture within it!

Which picture frame style should I choose?

Picture frames come in a variety of materials, such as metal or wood but the primary consideration is to match the picture frame style to your existing décor as this will help you to achieve cohesion within the room. For example, a modern aluminium frame may not sit well within a traditional, homely setting nor may an ornate old oak frame suit the walls of an ultra-modern city apartment.

Of course you may be going for a more eclectic look, in which case choosing a picture frame which defies the existing conventions of the room or home may do the trick as well as turn a few heads.

Should I consider a picture frame with a mount?

Many people underestimate the huge difference that adding a mount to a picture frame can make, all for not a lot more cost. A mount creates a visual distance between the frame and the picture significantly increasing the impact of your framed picture by drawing your eye into the artwork. And generally speaking, wider mount borders and double mounts with contrasting colours create an even more stunning effect.

In many cases, a picture frame with a mount should be your first choice not an afterthought!

What would work well with the picture?

When looking for the perfect picture frame, be sure to keep your actual picture in mind. It is important to find a frame which will complement it well. For instance, a modern cityscape will look good in a sleek black frame, whereas a countryside scene is likely to be better suited to a traditional wooden frame.

Some picture framing websites offer a picture frame design tool with the option of uploading your artwork to help visualise how it will look in different picture frames and mount combinations. Ideal for a bit of creative experimentation!

We hope that the information above will help you on your quest to find the perfect picture frame!This article has been brought to you by Image Frames, UK specialists in both standard size and custom made picture frames. Find out more at http://www.imageframes.co.uk

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