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Published: 11th April 2011
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The use of pipettes is a labour intensive and highly monotonous task that most laboratory workers will find tedious. Manual pipetting is also unreliable in terms of the amount of liquids delivered and it can prove costly and may be prone to errors in the amount of various substances and liquids used. In contrast, automated liquid handling is accurate, fast, and extremely consistent, and it may even lead to cost reductions thanks to the more accurate use of rare samples and expensive reagents.


When it comes to laboratory work, accuracy is critical. Manual pipetting does not provide the most accurate results, even with the most effective laboratory workers assigned to the project. The pipette does not provide an accurate measurement in terms of volume and this means that too little or too much liquid may be added in certain cases.


Automated liquid handling is an extremely precise method of measuring and delivering liquid. As the work is automated and using finely tuned equipment it means that accuracy isnít reserved to a single run either. Accuracy is delivered every single time which means that greater consistency can also be enjoyed thanks to automated liquid handling systems.

Greater Speed

Ensuring greater accuracy during manual pipetting usually means slowing the process down and this can prove more costly and less effective in the long run. Automated pipetting, on the other hand, offers a consistently fast speed which means that it can help to reduce time and therefore cost over the long term.

Reduced Cost

The use of expensive reagents and rare samples may be minimised and this means the potential for even more savings. As the liquids are delivered consistently it means that there will be minimal wastage so there will be less need to spend time and resources creating samples or buying reagents.

Automated Liquid Handling

Automated liquid handling is more effective and consistent than a manual process and this can lead to cost savings and speedier completion of mundane tasks. It can even reduce the risk of repetitive stress for the lab worker that might be caused through the regular and consistent use of a pipette.

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