Tarmac Vs Concrete Driveways

Published: 13th April 2011
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Choosing the ideal material for your driveway isnít as simple an option as it once was. Of the many driving solutions that existing including ornate brick driveways, there are two materials that stand out as offering a combination of decent looks and affordability. Concrete and tarmac drives are both affordable solutions and both, although tarmac especially, can be used to give a classy finish to any driveway or house entrance. Both are also strong and offer a degree of protection against physical wear and damage as well as the weather.

The Benefits Of Concrete Driveways

Concrete will withstand higher temperatures compared to tarmac or asphalt and it will generally require less maintenance. Very few or no weeds or other vegetation should be able to find a way through the concrete if it has been laid well and evenly and it can be treated so that it comes in a variety of colours, and designed so that it matches the exterior of any building. It can also handle a large amount of weight.

The Pitfalls Of Concrete Driveways

However, concrete driveways do have their disadvantages. It can have a tendency to crack in colder climates so if you live in an area that is particularly prone to frost, ice, or regular snow then you might want to consider tarmac. Concrete driveways also begin to degrade once they reach the end of their useful life.

Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac driveways will resist most weather conditions that the British climate can throw at it but it will not withstand high temperatures as well as concrete does. It will, however, put up with the cold and frost better. It comes in a few, albeit limited number of shades, and on tarmac drives it is reasonably easy to fix small cracks. However, it takes more time to lay and typically requires more maintenance than stronger and more resilient concrete driveways.

Choosing The Right Driveway For You

Concrete driveways are very strong and resilient to heat but they may crack under extreme cold temperatures. They are also more expensive than tarmac driveways but do usually come in a greater variety of shades and can be moulded or formed to create unique designs and patterns where required.

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