The best looking, best value Mountain bikes? Cube Bikes!

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Published: 12th January 2011
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Consistently, and in review after review, cube bikes are being lauded as the best mountain bikes out there. They are designed to function equally well off road, or as a solid stunt bike, but how do you know which to choose and what makes them the best?

Choosing your MTB

Mountain bikes are frequently used for off-road riding, such on dirt tracks, or for basic stunt and road racing – and many of the niche mountain bike makers now offer bikes that are considered ‘hybrid’ or function equally well in a variety of environments. Bikes like this are designed to be robust, and often have interchangeable and removable parts, allowing you to swap out damaged, or less than sufficient pieces, such as the suspension. It also means that the frames can be used in a variety of situations, without the need to have separate bikes. Whether you’re looking for a full suspension bike, a hard tail, or a tour/fitness (road) bike, Cube Bikes has you covered.

Suspension matters – Full suspension bikes

Suspension is one of the few things that will stop your frame from cracking under most circumstances. Whether you’re bouncing your bike off the top of a shipping container onto a wall below, or pelting down a dirt track at high speed, as long as your suspension is solid, you’re less likely to cause problems later. It’s important to note, however, that you need a passing knowledge of how to land your jumps, and how to shift your weight when travelling – suspension not only protects your expensive frame, but also protects you.

What suspension can’t do is stop you from breaking your bike, if it would have broken anyway – but it can go a long way to absorbing some of the rigors of both trials and trail riding.

Hard tail bikes

‘Hard tail’ bikes are what people think of as traditional mountain bikes – simply because they have no rear suspension. They are slightly easier to ride in some cases, such as off road as they are easier to work with and ride better over muddy trails. They are slightly lighter than full suspension bikes and are slightly easier to handle, cheaper and easier to maintain but the trade-off is they are less comfortable than full suspension bikes in most cases. Cube Bikes sell both male and female versions of hard tail and full suspension bikes, making it easy to find the one that you need.

Touring bikes

Touring bikes are great all-rounder – and while they aren’t as lightweight as specifically ‘designed for the road’ racer bikes, but are perfect for people that do a bit of everything. And in most cases, this is where Cube Bikes excel – they really are the best of every need you have for a bike. Heavier bikes aren’t usually cumbersome either and offer more support when you do things with them that you might otherwise worry will break them, such as hopping up and down fences, and other stunts, so it’s important to look at the bikes your friends have, and get advice from specialists. But in most cases, you can’t go wrong with a Cube Bike!.

Cube Bikes are the some of the best mountain bikes available in their price range, and come in a wide variety of styles, designs and types.

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