The importance of Security Guards

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Security guards are usually employed privately to protect people, assets and property.

Security guards are usually uniformed and guard property, shops + people by ensuring their presence is highly visible to act as a deterrent for inappropriate + illegal actions.

Security guards observe by looking at video cameras, alarm systems and patrolling for signs of anything untoward, illegal, inappropriate or signs of fire. They spring into action deal with and report incidents to the emergency services and client when necessary.

Sometimes the mere presence of a security guard can stop anything untoward happening. However on occasions when a crime is committed some of the standard of security guards can be found wanting; either through lack of physical fitness, inappropriate training or inability to defuse potentially explosive situations through having poor people management skills.

There was a memorable occasion outside a Sainsbury's store when it took about 8 security Guards, some very overweight to catch and restrain a single shop lifter, to great amusement to many passersby!

As in the case of the story above, very overweight, out of breath, bright pink retail security guards defusing the situation by effectively sitting on the culprit although entertaining is not ideal! Therefore it is very important Security Guards come from firms where they are highly trained, mentally and physically fit.

The life of a security guard in London whilst often mundane and boring can also be very eventful, exciting, invigorating, an adrenaline rush and at times highly dangerous.

However bad incidents can happen in all walks of life, it is the bad things that very often get reported. There are quieter professions to choose but Security Guards in major cities like London are an important part of society and offer comfort and protection to many in the absence of the emergency services.

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