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Published: 06th April 2011
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The Thumb Turn Lock And Other Door Locks

Home security is something that every homeowner and tenant should take seriously. Fortunately, there are many different door lock devices and home security devices that can be used in and around the home to offer greater protection while ensuring that you and your family can still gain easy access when needed. The thumb turn lock is one such example, enabling you to lock or unlock the door easily and quickly from the inside with just a turn of the thumb mechanism.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks have become the standard for high quality home security. Locks that operate within the handle and the mechanism can usually be burst open easily and quickly which raises obvious security risks. In contrast, a deadbolt lock is extremely secure as it is very difficult to break open while still being relatively easy to install yourself.

Drill And Saw Resistance

Burglars use a variety of different techniques in a bid to unlawfully force their way into a home. Drills and saws are among the most common tools that the burglar uses and so many modern locks boast of resistance against these tools. Steel chips inside the lock should prevent the use of a drill to break a lock while anti-saw pins are used on locks to prevent a burglar from sawing through the locking pins.

The Thumb Turn Lock

A thumb turn lock offers convenience and ease for the homeowner. The inside of the door has a mechanism that can be turned without a key and makes it quick and easy to lock or unlock the door. However, doors that have a glass pane in them are not ideal for use with a thumb turn lock as burglars may be able to smash the window and then gain entry using the thumb turn. Doors without window panes may use this style of lock and still enjoy excellent levels of security though.

Door Locks And Home Security

The thumb turn lock is just one variety of door lock and there are many others to choose from, each offering their own levels of security as well as their own advantages and disadvantages. Home security is an increasingly important consideration so ensuring that you get the most secure and most convenient lock for your door is important. specialise in reliable Thumb Turn Lock . Our diverse range is suitable for any requirement. We also pride ourselves in our dependable Cockspur Window Handles .

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