Traffic Surveys

Published: 02nd December 2010
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Traffic surveys can provide companies and local authorities with important social and cultural data. These types of surveys can be used to track movement of traffic, cyclists and pedestrians. They can provide valuable evidence relating to the positives and negatives of modern day traffic and driving habits. The results from traffic surveys can be utilised to improve road facilities and standards.

Conducting Traffic Surveys

In order to harvest quality data traffic surveys are conducted using a variety of techniques. This includes travel diaries, mail out questionnaires, telephone surveys, home interviews (face-to-face) and online questionnaires. Roadside surveys can also be carried out and these require a lot of organization and planning. In order to collect qualitative data regarding traffic and driving standards a number of up-to-date traffic survey tools and techniques need to be used and so it is best to outsource this task to a professional traffic survey company. These companies will have fully trained officers that have a professional and responsible attitude to their work. This will ensure that the data is harvested and recorded in an ethical and accurate manner to ensure that effective results can be achieved.

Problems with Data

There are some typical problems that occur when collecting data for traffic surveys. This includes non-response bias, misreporting of trips, coverage bias and much more. Highly sophisticated equipment and experienced analysis has to be used in order to sort out the good data from the bad and provide an effective overall report. One of the main problems with all types of surveys including those that relate to traffic is the lack of data. The higher the volume of good data you can record the more accurate the results. This will enable companies, planners and local authorities to make much more effective decisions regarding traffic and road systems. This can in turn improve the traffic rules and systems and make the roads and pathways a safer, more efficient place for everyone.

Types of Traffic Surveys

There are a number of different types of traffic surveys that can be carried out as per the requirements of the client. These include:

* Roadside Traffic Surveys – data collection officers locate prime roadside sites (such as road junctions, traffic lights and roundabouts). They will then count vehicles in different classifications and record traffic volumes at key times of the day. This data is essential for road planning and developing schemes to reduce traffic at peak periods.

* Car Park Surveys – car park surveys can be carried out to determine the average usage of the spaces and the length of stay of vehicles. These are commissioned by supermarkets, retail outlets, hospitals and businesses around the country in order to maximise car parking facilities.

* Pedestrian and cycle movement surveys – these surveys monitor how footpaths and dedicated cycle paths are utilised and are essential for road and town planning. is the UK’s traffic survey and data collection specialists. Visit our website for more information on Traffic Surveys and ANPR .

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