Wedding Order of Service

Published: 12th August 2011
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A wedding order of service is an essential part of the smooth running of the special day, but is also a lovely souvenir for wedding guests to take home and for the bride and groom to treasure forever.

Therefore, those looking for a wedding order of service should pick a company that can help them personalise their wedding order of service to suit the theme of their day, them as a couple and the feel of the ceremony.

At Espouse Stationery, happy couples can choose from a wide range of wedding order of service options, ranging from chic and simple booklets to diamante embellished options complete with coloured ribbons that can be chosen to match the ceremony’s colour scheme.

For an extra special wedding order of service, couples can opt for Espouse Stationery’s brand new hand stitched binding service, which gives a beautiful handmade look to a wedding order of service and can also be tailored to suit the colours used on the big day.

Choosing a wedding order of service can be a tricky business, and to help out couples who are no doubt swamped by the rest of their wedding plans, Espouse Stationery offer a sample service to make the decision making process easier.

Many couples choosing a wedding order of service from Espouse Stationery opt for their names on the front of the booklet, or a fun cartoon image of themselves in their wedding attire. The choice is endless for both the inside of the wedding order of service and the outside, but some popular options also include the name of the church, the date of the ceremony, or something a little different like the couples’ nicknames.

Most wedding order of service booklets also contain the words to hymns, and any prayers which are being read, as well as information points for the congregation such as when to stand, when to remain seated and when to join in with a reading or vow.

To make a wedding order of service booklet a lovely souvenir for guests to treasure as a reminder of the special day, couples may want to consider including a short paragraph thanking their friends and family for attending. hand make Wedding Order of Service in a variety of designs and styles from the finest card stock; for more information visit our website today!

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