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Published: 12th August 2011
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With festival season just round the corner, music fans will be looking into buying all their essentials – tent, toilet roll and of course, wellies. But fashion conscious festival goers need not sacrifice their style and can look fashion forward in the mud with wedge wellies.

Wedge wellies combine the comfort of wellies with a stylish chunky heel that is still practical for negotiating muddy farm land and tent covered fields, and are a great choice for those keen on staying stylish when heading to Glastonbury or one of the other famous UK music events held every year.

The wedge wellies Flex Collection is a perfect choice for those preparing for the often chilly British summertime by packing jeans in their festival backpack – these wedge wellies boast an adjustable gusset top which allows wearers to tuck in trousers and still enjoy a comfortable fitting boot.

Available in a range of styles – including hot pink, stylish black snakeskin and red and black patterned – these wedge wellies are a fantastic option for all sorts of wedge wellies wearers and can be adjusted to fit bare legs too.

Wedge wellies buyers who do not want the extra flexibility of an adjustable gusset can choose from the same hot pink, black and patterned options in the Unique Collection, which features standard wedge wellies styles.

In the past, wedge wellies customers may have found some traditional wellies styles to be uncomfortable, especially when spending days walking around a festival field in the warm summer sun, but by choosing wedge wellies from the Curve Collection, they can be assured of a great fit at all times.

These wider fitting Wedge Wellies feature a calf circumference of up to 48 centimetres and also boast a generous fit on both the foot and ankle. Wedge wellies customers picking options from the Curve Collection can choose from standard black, chic and stylish black snakeskin style and the pretty Savvy design, which features a pink pattern on a dark background.

All wedge wellies are made from vulcanised rubber which ensures great durability and strong boots, and are also guaranteed to be 100 per cent waterproof, ideal for typical UK summers that often change from blazing sunshine to pouring rain in a matter of minutes.

With wedge wellies available from you can be sure that you will receive different wellies that can be personalised, giving you the perfect wellingtons that you want.

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