Y Strainers

Published: 28th March 2011
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Y strainers offer an easy and cost effective way to remove solids from pipelines. These simple devices have a central straining system which typically uses wire or perforated mesh to capture solids. This allows you to protect pumps, valves, traps, regulators, meters and other fragile equipment from damage.

Y strainers can be used in conjunction with liquid, steam and gas pipelines and are a versatile and adaptable product.

Y strainers are used in the following markets:

* Petroleum

* Power Generation

* Water Processing

* Chemical Processing

* Oil & Gas Collection and Processing

* Pharmaceutical

* Steel Production

* Food and Beverage

Uses of Y strainers

Y strainers are mainly used to solve the issue of removing small amount of solids from pipelines. They have a cylindrical design that is compact and very durable. The strength of this design means that Y strainers can be used in high pressure situations such as in gaseous services (natural gas, nitrogen, steam etc.). Designs are available that will withstand pressures up to 15000psi and also extreme temperatures of up to 1000°F.

Quality Y strainers are precision engineered so that the heavy duty wire mesh screens fit the body cavity exactly. This prevents any small particles from getting through and contaminating equipment at the end of the pipeline. Solids will be captured by the screen and held ready for disposal. Y strainers work best when only small amounts of solids are to be collected and will need to be cleaned out regularly to optimum efficiency.

Y strainers are commonly used in industries that require clean water supplies. The Y strainers filter out impurities such as sand or dirt that could clog up or damage processing equipment. This allows industries to clean and purify water as it is travelling through the pipelines so that it is ready for immediate use.

Commercial Production

Y strainers are typically made from high quality carbon steel or stainless steel. This allows them to withstand intense pressure and heat. For high risk processes (steam pipes) chrome-moly steel can also be used as this can withstand extreme conditions without fear of failure. There are a wide range of different sizes available to fit most pipeline sizes from 1/4" right through to over 10". Y strainers have different connections including socket weld, threaded and flanged.

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Cleaning Y strainers

Y strainers are only designed to be cleaned now and again. This can be achieved by shutting down the pipeline and removing the exterior strainer cap. This allows access to remove the strainer mesh and clean off any solids and build up. Y strainers can also be designed for automatic cleaning. They can be fitted with a ‘blow-off’ connection which cleans the screen without it having to be removed from the pipeline.

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